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    Lightbulb MMSI Set Up

    FYI: For those who know, no news here. But those that don't, if you have a GPS and a VHF with DSC (digital selective calling), you can set up your identification with registrating here:

    It will provide a 9 digit MMSI # that you can enter into your VHF. Connect the yellow & green NEMA wires (in most cases, check manuals to verify) between your GPS and VHF. This conveys the GPS coordinate info to the VHF so if you need to send out a distress signal, it will transmit your location. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Additioanlly, you can store additional DSC's of friends to request positions of thier vessels so you're able to locate each other on the water.
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    Default Thanks for info

    Thanks Doug, I don't have one but after looking at the info It may be a nice upgrade for me. It would be really nice if all your boating buddies had them, but definately worth it in case of emergency.

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    I picked up a Cobra MR-F55 for around a $100...connected the cable and read the info. It does ease my mind a bit but I doubt it`s abilities in quite a few areas around AK.

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    I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember something about needing to register your MMSI number with the Coast Guard (not BoatUS) if you will be traveling through Canadian waters. It wouldn't effect most of us, but those who are boating down in southeast might want to check it out. Otherwise, the BoatUS registration works just fine, and it's pretty easy to do.
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    Does the Coast Guard monitor DSC distress calls? Answer from BoatUS:
    Not nationwide yet, and it may not until 2009 for the continental U.S. and 2011 for Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam. However, commercial ships are required to monitor the DSC-reserved Channel 70 for distress calls and have relayed maydays to the Coast Guard. In an emergency, Channel 16 should be used first.
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