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Thread: Nova's River Rescue Class

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    Default Nova's River Rescue Class

    Hi folks,

    I received the following information from the KCK listserver, for those who are interested. I would say that if you are new to rafting, this would be a great course to take. It will give you some excellent tools you may need in the field.



    I have been informed by Chuck Spaulding that there is still plenty of space available for Nova's 2009 River Rescue Class held May 23, 24, 25.
    This 3 day class offers excellent rescue and safety training for all types of swiftwater boaters, both private and professional.
    For more information check the link at:
    LOST CREEK COMPANY: Specializing in Alaska hunt consultation and planning for do-it-yourself hunts, fully outfitted hunts, and guided hunts.
    CLICK HERE to send me a private message.
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    Thumbs up Great Class

    Thanks for posting that, Mike.
    I participated in this class several years ago. Without question, this white-water-rescue and cold-water-immersion class made me a better, safer rafter. I became much more "water friendly, but water cautious" after having swam in the Matanuska River, many times during the class.
    I have only participated in three glacial river rescues, where real people were in real trouble after a rafting boo-boo. The practices and procedures learned during this class were employed in each of those successful rescue efforts.
    Our testosterone only helps us a limited amount during an emergency. Knowledge and some experience is really important when bad things happen on a float.


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    Default Great class

    Chuck has introduced many many people since the mid 70's to whitewater rafting, including myself in the late 80's. This class is excellent....... You will find yourself surrounded by true experts who are willing to answer any questions you have. Many of these guys are extreme boaters who have been in many serious, sometimes life and death situations. For instance I talked for awhile with a guy who guided for three years on the Russell Fork and ran El Horrendo daily, the largest commercially raftable falls in the U.S. He shared alot of information from different situations, and I like war stories. Anyway you will meet and learn from people like this who know through experience.
    A certificate last for 3 years, one can go and attend for free until recert. time.
    You guys asking all these beginner rafting questions, Call Chuck.........

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    Default Yep Yep

    If you have the time to go it would be time well spent. Chuck runs a first class operation!!!

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