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Thread: Bullets for a 1:16 22 Hornet

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    Question Bullets for a 1:16 22 Hornet

    I was wondering what bullets you have had work in your 22 Hornet rifles?
    I have a CZ527 American and CZ says its a 1:16 twist. So can I expect to use 40gr bullets like the B-tip, Bilizt king, V max, or Beger HPV. The berger I have and it says 1:15 or higher on the box.

    I was expecting to develope a load using 40gr bullets like the above bullets as well as any bullet made just for the Hornet like the 35 V max, and the any 40-45 hornet bullet.

    I have shot some 45gr speer hornet bullets when working up loads for it and not any real accuracy using AA1680. But with AA1680 and the 40gr Sierra hornet bullet I have a good 0.60 five shot groups so this is the first good load so far I didn't want to waist time with the non-hornet bullets if the rate of twist is to slow for them. This was (12.5grs AA1680/rem brass/fed205 primer/40gr sierra) and 2728fps with a stdev 13.11 with 0.60 CC five shot groups.

    So what bullets shoots great out of your 1:16 twist hornet rifles? What bullets can I expect to shoot accuraty.

    I have given up on 205 small rifle primers with Lilgun. Hodgdon said my starting load of 11.0grs was to low it gave 3100fps with 40gr bergers, and at their advise loaded five 12.0gr loads and 3200fps. So I am going with Speers Manual and CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers, win brass, Lilgun,40/45gr bullet of choice and see if the velociies match up.

    Also how do you think the 40gr Sierra (hornet sp) will work on bobcats/coyotes/ground squirrals?

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    I believe you'll find that the best choices for bullets in a 1:16" Hornet are flat based.
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    I've had great luck shooting 40gr. V-Max Bullets over 13 grains Hodgdons lil gun in my ruger VHZ. Worth a try if nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKwanderer View Post
    I've had great luck shooting 40gr. V-Max Bullets over 13 grains Hodgdons lil gun in my ruger VHZ. Worth a try if nothing else.
    Whats the rate of twist for the ruger? I will check mine to be sure because it I am surprized CZ made it in 1:16 and not 1:14 sence this is a new rifle as of last fall.

    I realy hope the berger 40gr works because its HP is all the way back to where it starts to be full caliber, and its shorter than any of the tipped bullets. Berger makes a 30 and 35gr HPV as well. All are flat based bullets. What primer did you use? The federal 205 is to hot for the Lilgun I am well over 200fps more than any max cherge listed in Speer/Hornady manual that did use small rifle primers and this at only 11.0 or 12.0 grs! ( 40gr bilitzking/Bergerhpv & 45gr speer hornet spitzer).

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    Default What a fun caliber!

    I think the 40 grain Sierras will do fine for the critters you mentioned. If your rifle is like my Browning Micro Medallion9 sounds like it's pretty accurate) it will put the Sierras in a ground squirrels eye at 100 yard with 13 grains LilGun and his head at 200.

    I believe my Browning's twist is 1:14 and shoots anything under 50 grains with utter amazment, but does seem to prefer the lighter projectiles.

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    I loaded up some 40gr blitzkings over the 12.5gr AA1680 charge with the same OCL as the Sierras as measured with a compariter. So I see how that groups.

    Picked up the CCI500 SPP's that speers manual calls for and loaded up my Lilgun/berger 40gr load. The starting charge of 12.0-12.8grs in 0.2gr incraments. So if the velocities match up hopfully I can get a good group with them. And there is always a Lilgun/ 40gr sierra future load if its shorter bullets my gun likes.

    Any CZ 527 hornet shooters out there I love to hear from ya?

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    Rugers are 1-14".

    For a 1-16" tube,you can muse 33/5 V-Max. Length determines twist rates,not weight.

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    Thanks for the information. I still have not checked my CZ's twist rate to be absolutly sure what it is, but these are kwnown to be great shooters and are "modern guns" so I expected 1:14. Funny I know their 222rem is 1:12 and the 223 is 1:9 so why not 1:14 for their 22 hornet?


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