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Thread: Electric or hydraulic surge brakes

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    Default Electric or hydraulic surge brakes

    Any opinions either way?

    I have surge brakes on my 1985 26 foot Carver project boat which I've abandoned (hand through tablesaw - lost interest with prejudice, anybody want to buy a boat? helluva deal $6K; only 100 hours on hull and motor).

    At any rate, I hate those brakes - I step on the brakes and a second later I get a heck of a jolt from the trailer before the brakes engage, I dont know if thats a characteristic of surge brakes in general, or I just have crappy brakes.

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    Default something needs adjusted

    If there is too mch travel in the actuator it will give a pretty good jolt when it finally engages. Check the adjustment and bleed the brakes. might help.


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