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Thread: Are these tires worth repairing or replacing??

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    Default Are these tires worth repairing or replacing??

    My small boat trailer has tires that are 4.8-8 (16" high). I have a couple flats that need new rubber. Are they worth replacing the tire on the wheel and reusing the wheel and finding a place that will put a new tire on. If so who in southcentral replacing these tires. I'd rather not have to buy new wheels in addition to tires, but I don't know if like Johnson Tire Service or the like even messes with replacing tires on these wheels or if its even worth doing so.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Default yes

    you can replace any tire... but I went to trailercraft and bought a set of tires on rims for my boat trailer for as much as the tire shops wanted for just the tires. then I would have to pay for mounting.

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    Thanks thats kinda what I figured. Oh well such is life.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Even if you're currently using B rated tires, go with the C rated. They will last much longer.

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    Default Wheels and tires

    Go and see Ben at 6-roblees on Commercial Drive in Mt View and he will hook you up with pre mounted wheels and tires for about the same price as just tires.


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    Going to a taller tire will also increase your load in going to a ten or 12 if the lug pattern fits.

    For most trailer tires it's easiest just to guy them all put together...they unfortunatley are throwaways


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