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    THANK YOU Mr. Parker for everything that you've done, and continue to do for the muzzleloading community.
    I went to the muzzleloader certification class Saturday 5-02-09 at Rabbit Creek Range with a few hundred bullets which Bob Parker of Parker Productions Inc. Troy, Idaho sent for this class. Parker bullets really shoot well out of Knight Rifles with a MOA out to 300 yards. At the time Mr Parker sent the bullets, I did not realize the Alaska Fish and Game used the Knight Rifles, what a great match.
    I wanted to give Alaskan muzzleloaders some exposure to some performance bullets.
    My friend passed the qualification using a Parker Ballistic Extreme 250 grain bullet with 55 grains of Hodgdon Triple Seven powder. She had three shots an inch from the bulls eye and the last was two inches away. She shot a really good target for shooting open sights at fifty yards. This requires four of five shots within 8" of each other.
    Parker makes several bullets which are designed to be shot out of a muzzleloaders, 45, 50, 52, 54, cal. and they will do custom orders as well.
    The bullet which I use in on Elk sized game is the 580 grain Hydra-Con out of a 54 cal. Hawken. This is lead bullet and comes in a round nose and a hollow point. The unequaled expansion and the fact that they are deadly accurate and effective on big game, will guarantee that I will have nothing else while in big bear country.
    I'll give a quick example, when loaded with 110 grains of Triple seven powder and the 580 grain Hydra-Con, at 100 yards you get 1745 pounds of energy, the bullet is 2.6 inches high at fifty yards and 9 inches low at 150 yards delivering 1570 pounds of energy at this range.
    This is sufficient energy to take a large moose or bear.
    He makes a 440 grain bullet for the 50 cal. that has great energy and performance as well.
    May 23rd, I'll be at the Birchwood Rec & Shooting Park and will be glad to give out samples of the 50 cal. in 250 & 275 Jacketed Hydra-Con and let you be the judge of it's performance.

    Here is the link to Parker Production Inc.

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    I would also like to say thanks, I attended that class and really appreciated it. The parker bullets flew great!!!


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