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    I went to sand lake today and in three hours I didnt even get a bite. I was mainly trying to catch pike but tried for rainbows and char for a little bit too.

    That was the first time I ever fished a lake in AK. I was wondering if I could get some advice on what to use for any of those species. I dont care what it is I jusr want to catch some fish. Or if anyone knows some good spots at sand lake that they would be willing to share.

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    sand lake is dead, what fish are left are far and few between...the fish and game is killing off the lake completely in september this year...dont waste your time there, go to beer can/ campbell point in kincaid....there are big char in there and some nice landlocks and small to medium bright spinners and bobbers with worms

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    Default still a few fish

    last night my buddy and i went out to sand lake for the first time this year. we have tried bow fishing the lake before and seen pike each time. last night was no different. key to seeing the fish is to stand up in the boat. we saw only one in the canal off of 80th st., but 8-10 in the other canal. most were pretty small but they are there. we didn't hit any pike that we shot at and i lost the only one that bit. sure was nice out though.

    if you want to catch pike in sand lake you should go to the canal closest to sand lake elem. i would fish the lilly pads with herring under a bobber.

    good luck!

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    It is true they are killing the lake off this fall but there are a few fish in there. It is also true that there are better places to fish. I saw a monster char in there on Sunday night. I'm going to try and fish a few herring under a bobber there either tonight or the next.

    I got 2 Char and a Pike out there this winter.
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    Last week the South end of Jewel Lake was open with lots of little kokanee taking small spinners, but there is always a chance of hooking into a 7 lb brood trout. With the warm days we have had there will be much more open water, but the So end off Dimond has always produced well for me.
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