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    I just recently got my hands on some boonie pepper seeds. These peppers are native to Guam. I am planning on growing them inside my house. From what I gathered from reading about growing tropical plants I need to keep the temperature they are in above 80 degrees F. I know next to nothing about gardening and do not have a large budget. Is there a cheap way I can build a box about 7 feet tall by a few feet wide to grow these plants in that can give them the requried amount of light they need and keep the temperature above 80? Any pointers would help me out a lot! Thanks for any help.
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    do you have a good window with southern exposure?
    Probablt the easiest thing would be to make a plastic covered frame and place it in a window. You would just need to be sure that you allow for access and maybe a small heater. You may also have to supliment light during the winter. It just depends on the needs of that species.


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