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Thread: Seward Barn Door Butts Anyone?

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    Default Seward Barn Door Butts Anyone?

    I am looking at doing the Halibut Derby out of Seward this year. Found a young skipper that knows the area well and where the big ones hang out. He already has a couple over 100# in 5 outtings with just regular charters.
    Anyone interested in going in on a "Six Pack" charter for the day?
    Actually only looking for 2 or 3 people as my wife and I will be going. ( 6 is crowded)
    I am looking at the 27th of June (Saturday) which is one of 2 good tide days for June. We will be targeting only big fish. Price will be around $250 PP which is about the same rate for a regular 6 pack charter.
    I am going regardless if I find anyone but thought I might post to see if anyone else was interested in possibly placing in the derby and didn't have a boat and knowledge of the area.
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    Default Good luck

    Good luck on your trip! You picked as good a day as any....There are many, many good tide days in June for halibut fishing in Seward.

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    I would go in a heart beat but I will be in Tucson until June 30th Good luck and make sure you post some pics.
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