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Thread: Kicker for a 28 foot Bayliner-9.9 or bigger??

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    Default Kicker for a 28 foot Bayliner-9.9 or bigger??

    I have a 9.9 Suzuki that need to be tuned up. Right now it starts quickly , but water stops running through the engine after a few seconds. My uneducated guess is that there is an impeller problem.

    I'm thinking the 9.9 is a little small for a kicker on the boat we just purchased. Do you think a 25-30 power would serve us better in case our main engine went out?

    Thanks in advance for you thoughts.

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    The thing with kickers is, you'll never get the boat on plane, so anything more than what can push you 4-5 knots and you're just burning more fuel.

    You might find the 9.9 is a little week, but I'd think a 25-30 is overkill, likely a 15-20 will do the trick.

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    My 9.9 is a short shaft, I think. The reason I say short is because it looks a little short to me. I'm wondering in rough seas whether the prop might come out of the water and cause problems.

    A used 25 hp I'm going to look at can be set up with a long or short shaft.


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