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    Default Snow amounts

    Could anyone give me a rough idea of the amount of snow at the following locations.
    Denali hwy
    Susitna river bridge

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Reports anyone?


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    On Sunday there was enough snow (2 ft?) around Paxson for some snowmachining. There were patches of bare ground and the snow was rotten in the warm afternoon sun. I drove down the Denali (Paxson side) as far as they had plowed (not to McClaren yet) and the ground was like 90% snow covered. There were a few snomachiners camped out for bear. It will be a few weeks before you could use a 4 wheelers. Good luck.

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    Check the National Weather Service site. They have a snow coverage map with updated snow depth totals for many of those locations.


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