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Thread: Mosquito eaters

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    Default Mosquito eaters

    Hard for me to believe this hasn't been discussed before but I did a search and didn't find a thread

    Anybody have feedback?

    I need a cordless model so I think I'm looking north of $600 for one brand...... the ones Blue Rhino make are a little less

    Do they work in true rural conditions?

    I'm not looking to test the 1 acre advertised area

    I just want the deck on the back of the cabin inhabitable!!!

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    Just buy a couple thermacells. They work awesome. Much cheaper.

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    It's been discussed at length...

    Mosquito Magnets work great.
    Winter is Coming...

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    Definately worth the money to me!

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    Default mosquito magnet

    If you want no mosquitos just get one. At work a few years ago we set up three of the big ones around the job. This is up north, with tundra all around. They were catching almost a full bag every day. It made it to where guys could work outside without repellent, long sleeve shirts, etc.

    You need to choose where you set it up at carefully though. If you put it in the wrong place you will just pull the bugs past your cabin to the magnet. It will come with instructions though.

    We had one of the cheeper models for a while. I think it was a skeeter vac or something. It didn't work so great. Then we got the mosquito magnet and the problem was solved.

    It helps a LOT to get it going at the very beginning of the season. The theory is that for all of them that you catch in the spring, there are like 10,000 that don't breed.

    Starting it up late in the summer won't help nearly as much.

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    Default skeeter vac

    I have the skeeter vac (blue rhino) sv5100...

    This will be our first full summer. I fired it up two weeks ago and have watched as it quickly fills. We used it last summer (starting in late june)... I can't say we saw a trend but I emptied it numerous times through out the summer... It was full every time... Every skeeter dead in that thing is one less after me!!!

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    I prefer the creeping death chemical warfare of propane powered foggers.
    Now what ?

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    more about the foggers????

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    Smile I like them...

    I run a propane "skitter eater" all summer and believe it makes a difference. I also spray the 2.5 acres a couple of times every year in an attempt to kill skitters, gnats and no seeums. My grandkids are always here and the bugs are bad with out this chemical warfare and weapons of mass destruction!


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