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Thread: Volvo 280 sterndrive help

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    Default Volvo 280 sterndrive help

    I was cruising along today and all of a sudden I lost power. The drive was still engaged, but I could not go any faster than 4 mph without the motor reving up. I looked things over a little bit and on the surface everything looked ok, the drive shifts into forward and reverse, but if I give it a little throttle it acts like it is slipping. I looked at the u-joint and it is OK. My repair manual doesn't have a very good troubleshooting guide, it mentions a rubber hub in the prop that can slip, does anyone no anything about the rubber hub in the prop? Any other ideas on this one. I change oil in the sterndrive every year and I check it often, in fact I checked it before I went out, there has never been any water in the bottom of the gearcase. The splines on the flywheel and the splines and coupling between the upper and intermediate housing are in good shape, maybe the cone clutch is slipping with the more torque I put on the prop? Any ideas would be appreciated

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    That sucks! I have no idea, did you spin the prop and listen/feel for anything weird when it was out of the water? Did you take the prop off and inspect what is inspectable?

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    Sounds like a spun prop to me. Take the prop off, replace it with your spare prop, and see if the problem goes away. I can't tell by looking at a prop if it has been spun. The one time a spun a prop, it looked good as new but was trashed.


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