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    My daughter and I had a couple of hours to kill and went looking for a heron we had been seeing on a local river. It was lo tide so we found him at salt water. We only got a quick glimpse. It is tough to be quiet when you are on a beach and you are three years old. We will look for this fella again when the light is better. They are neat birds.

    Thanks for looking.

    Bruce and Rie
    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

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    Great pics....thanks for sharing them.......

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    Very nice, specially the first one.

    I saw a couple of them today about 400 yards away, so I parked my car and approached on foot. I had gotten... maybe 50 yards away from my car by the time they flew away

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    Been trying to shoot that same bird (and I mean the exact same bird ) for months. I see you used f/2.8 on the first one. I often miss the focus point with such a shallow DOF. I've been trying more like f/4 and f/11 instead. Also I've had a lot of problems with the bird moving, and need to try shutter priority mode rather than AV. I've never ventured in the shutter mode, let alone manual.

    Here's the best I've done...

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    Wow Brian! Nice job. He is a skittish one. I have been playing around with aperture and dof. Maybe I will see you out there some day. If you see an overweight bald guy with a noisy 3 year old please come over and say hello. I would love pick your brain on your set up.

    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

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    Sure, I'm the overweight guy with the 11 year old daughter. I like to hit that spot at sunset, as in the picture above, if the clouds don't interfere.

    Not much of a set up. Just an XTi, a 70-200mm f/2.8 IS (okay, that one's cool), and a 17-55 IS EF-S. Oh, and a Canon 2x teleconveter, which ain't all that great.

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    I really like the birds in flight shots. Well done!

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    Back again today...

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    Had the CPL filter on for this one. Like the color...

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    Nice job Brian,

    I have not been able to find the bugger for 10-12 days now. And when I do find him, I have yet to get what you did. I like the first one without the filter thingy. The green algae adds to it. They are handsome. Very nice

    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianW View Post
    Here's the best I've done...
    These are very nice pictures Brian.

    Can you perhaps expand a little on what you are doing? Do you shoot JPEG from the camera, or RAW and do post processing? In particular what I'm interested in is the White Balance on the two pictures that have almost no blue showing in the heron's feathers. Did that happen by "accident", or was it something you did intentionally?

    That is interesting to me for an odd reason. I wondered what the images would look like if there was more blue, so I downloaded both of them and did some color correction to bring out the blue. That experiement turned out to be much more interesting than I had expected! Particularly the one you said was the best. The reason was that (sort of like doing pictures of a fireworks display or of the aurora) there simply is no single WB adjustement that is "right", and instead there are many many "really interesting" possible ways to set the WB, and all of them are equally fantastic. (I find such images absolutely frustrating to work with, because I can never decided on just one picture as they all look wonderful.)

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    I shoot in the RAW+JPEG setting with my XTi. I almost always do the PP stuff using the RAW image. I'm using PS Elements 6.0.

    I too have fun deciding which WB setting to use. I jump between "As shot", "Auto", and whatever the condition was (Daylight or Cloudy) until I find one that seems to match what I recall it looking like, or which ever one looks best.

    The first image I posted here was taken a sunset, which should account for the lack of color, and orange tint.

    Here is one of the pictures above, with no PP work, cropped 100%...

    JPEG version

    RAW version "As Shot" WB selected...

    I think in the version posted above, I selected "Daylight"

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    whoa. outstanding images, the motion in flight is superb !!

    Here is what I would do to get that flight - 1 /60 sec. maximum depth of field.

    If you are shooting @ f 2.8 that DOF is just too shallow.

    White balance ? relying on a computer to make your colors look right is not the correct approach !!

    CORRECTING COLOR(s) is a skill, not a click !!

    if you want to learn how to do this (as they did using film / paper) then you need CC filters. Color Correction filters by Kodak, these are not used on your camera, they are held in your hand and flipped in front of the photo so that you can see the difference. This is not easy to master, it requires much practice.

    What are you looking for when you do this ?? The neutral areas, shadows, whites greys study them closely when using CC filters to find which filter makes the grey - grey !!

    you must know and understand how the six different colors work in relationship with each other, they have predictable results.

    In the darkroom, if a print was too blue, you subtract yellow from the filter pack in your enlarger. If that print is too yellow you ADD yellow to get rid of the yellow. do I have you confused now ?? Learning to see which color is in excess is a skill, that will require much practice for you to understand, once you see how this works, then you do not need the CC filters to make your corrections. You have to train your eyes.

    RAW processing and JPG.. sorry.. there is no difference. I do not care to hear one is better than the other. it simply is not true. COLOR is color !!

    I do not want a computer or a program of software to correct my colors because many times adobe or other software packages are wrong !!

    Once you see what happens to your image by flipping a CC filter in front of your image for a split second. then you will understand.

    I do not want to see or hear about what this link on the net says, because you can find ANYTHING you want to find on the net.

    44,000,000 pages say that God doesn't exist.. and 44,000,000 that say He DOES !! COLOR THEORY is essential to understand if your going to color correct your images in the correct manner as it has been done for the last 100 or more years. Six differernt colors, and their relationships are a must for a photographer to MASTER !!

    YOU MAY THINK it looks correct.. .. but once you flip a cc filter in front of that image, you will not believe the difference !!

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