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    I have a chance to buy a 10' Zodiac with aluminum floor that has never been use but has been setting around a long time,five hundred bucks. Sounds like a bargain and would be useing it to run around the coast of Wrangell with a 4 or 6 hp motor. What should I look for other than holding air and no rips.

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    I have had an 10' to 18' inflatable for 20 some years now. Last spring I bought a 10' one that looked brand new for $600 for a dingy on my Bayliner.
    Well it too had sat for a long time un-used, not lke mine where they where overly used. The glue had dryed out that holds the transom to the tubes, the oar locks and handles. After one trip the glue let go and I had to scrap and clean and re-glue.
    Yes I did call Zodiac and they said a 10 year old boat that was only ever in the garage would do that, tough luck.
    Check out the glue there. I'd let some air out of it and check then pump it back up.
    Just my experience, I wouldn't leave home without one.


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