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Thread: Braided line vs. cable

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    Default Braided line vs. cable

    Hi all,

    Does anyone use braided downrigger line on there scotty electric downrigger? What do you think? Pros/cons? Thanks

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    I'm a fan of braid, but instead of re-typing a summary of the whole debate, I'll leave you with the fact that this has been hotly debated - pages upon pages written - recently both here and on iFish...

    Sorry to hijack the thread... I don't technically use Scotty's. Canon is the only thing out there with "pre-set" depths to run to...

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    I switched all 4 Scotty's to braid years ago, will never go back.

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    Default braid?

    What size of braded line are you guys using ? I could'nt find a link to this, so its all new to me. Thanx for any help


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