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Thread: Log "Debarker"?

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    Default Log "Debarker"?

    Seen this nifty gadget and was wondering if anyone has used this? It is an attachment for your chainsaw that strips the bark off of logs. Sure would beat hand peeling!

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    You talking about a log wizard? I've got one they work great on spruce as long as the planer blades are sharp. I use mine mostly on dead spruce I still like a draw knife for green spruce.

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    i have one also. use it all the time.. and a knife or flat bar is definatly easier for green wood. i use the wizard in the winter when frozen.

    you do NOT JUST put it on your saw... you need a chain with the teeth ground off, and your bar modified. to fit it... in short by a new bar for your saw and have the old one cut. and use it for the wizard.

    the reason for removing teeth from chain is you will leave serious tracks from it. there is a learning curve that goes along with them as well...
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    There is an old time tool called a "bark spud" that was used for just this purpose. It was a blade attached to a long handle. Never used one, so I can't tell you how well they work.

    Lehman's carries one.

    Lehman's Non-Electric is in Ohio and caters to the Amish. I was really surprised at what they carry. Some of their tools and implements are exactly what my great grandparents had and used. I had no idea that some of them were still being made.


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