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Thread: 5/16 fuel line to 3/8,

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    Default 5/16 fuel line to 3/8,

    I have a 30 hp johnson that had 5/16 fuel line when I bought it.I'm replacing all the fittings and everything i've seen is for 3/8 so i'm wondering if I just replace everything with 3/8 fuel line if it might cause any probolems.I'm guessing it shouldn't because i'm going bigger not smaller.The fuel runs from a remote tank through a racor fuel/water seperator into the motor.And by the way just found out that my wife missed the Nenana Ice Classic by 13 minutes so I don't get the new boat I was hopeing for.

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    Going larger shouldn't make a diffrence as long as I/D connection to motor is the same size.


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