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Thread: G3 Jon question

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    Default G3 Jon question

    Hey everyone does anyone have a G3? Was thinking about an 17 0r 18 footer. want to use it for interior rivers and be powered by a 40 jet.

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    Default Hey wiso_67

    I dont have that set up but sounds like it would be a bit underpowered. May work with light load I imagine thou but not very quick. Im speaking if set up with a jet with 40hp powered at the head. Hope someone else has better info than me.

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    I have an 1860 G3. It is powered by a 90/65 jet. The 40 will be way under powered in my opinion for an 18 foot. I have had problems with mine porpoising. The solution so far has been trim tabs. I plan of putting pods on it instead. Mine maxes out around 35 MPH, if I get the planing fixed, it might be faster. That leads me to believe that you would be under powered with a 40. The G3 is a heavy boat. Good luck with what ever you decide, and make sure you test drive before buying.

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    What Akshrop said. I too have a 18 1/2 foot G3. I had an 88 Special Johnson on it. Boy that thing would jump out of the water! The Johnson was an '89 model and mommma did not feel comfortable with it, so she sent me to buy a new Honda.
    Well, the 88 workedd so well, I bought the 90/65 Honda. It only added 80 lbs to the transom, and after doing some relocating of fuel tanks and battery, I figured I had compensated for the weight.
    What a dumbass!! I sold the 88 too quick. I should have had it rebuilt. I've not noticed much, if any fuel savings, I lost my holeshot, and my wallet is a lot lighter.
    Now I am looking for a good deal on a lightly used 115 Yamaha 2 stroke. A 115 powerhead with a jet should be about right. If it is too much, you can always throttle back. If it is too small, you're out of luck.


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