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Thread: Land near Lake Louise

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    Default Land near Lake Louise

    Want to know if anyone can give me some idea of the condition of the land directly south of Lake Louise. I live in Wasilla (currently deployed to Iraq) and would like to buy some land to build a small cabin on and snowmachine in that area. DNR has some land south of Lake Louise but I wil not be able to walk it prior to the close of the auction and the assessment is a single picture taken from an aircraft. Can anyone help me out as to the condition of the land about 3 miles south of LL? Want to know if it is wetland/dry/if it can support a small cabin/etc. Thanks.

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    My experience with buying and selling DNR Land is that they ONLY release to the public HIGH Ground, and that it is buildable. The area is known for permafrost. However the entire town of Dawson is built on Permafrost.


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