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Thread: New Archer Question- Mission Bows?

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    Default New Archer Question- Mission Bows?

    Starting to look at bows for backyard shooting, deer in the lower 48, and eventualy black bear,caribou. Im a gun guy who cant spring for the spendy mathews right now, but they make a series of bows called "Mission" anybody have experience with these? They sell them at the new archery store in Wasilla.

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    Default Mission bows

    I don't have experience with the Mission bows, but I read a lot about them before I bought the bow I have, and I didn't read or hear anything but good things about them. I was leaning pretty hard towards one of them, but ended up going with a bow from Diamond.
    You don't have to spend the money for one of the top end bows to have a good shooting, reliable bow. There are many companies that make decent priced, entry to mid level bows. A few to look at are Mission, Diamond, and Martin. There are other brands, those are just the ones that come to mind.

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    I have a friend who bought a Mission Eliminator from Bill at Back Country Archery about 2 months ago. He really likes it. I've shot his Eliminator and it's a great bow. Accurate and easy to shoot well. I can't think of any negatives. Personally I liked shooting it more than the Reason, Monster and DXT. Just something about it. If I ever decided to switch from PSE I'd have to give this bow a close look. Come into town and see Bill. It will be worth the drive.
    The guy has a gift in making a bow shoot and he's more than willing to give you a few shooting tips. Great guy to deal with.
    In a nutshell I would not hesitate to buy a Mission Eliminator.

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    Default Mission Bow

    I have been shooting the Mission X-3 since the came out a few years back . Shoots real good and for about half as much as a fully loaded Mathews you cant beat that!

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    Thumbs up

    I bought the misson menace a few weeks ago for the kids. it is a really sound little bow. I just shot my first mathews at the range last week. they are nice. but $$ for $$ i will stick to my Martins...........
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    Default they are nice

    They are good little shooters. My wife's bow broke at the bear shoot - so she finished day 1 with Wild Bill's bow - then the 2nd day with my uncle's wife's Mission. Then my sight broke off - and I then finished the 2nd day with the Mission. It really is a great shooter...quiet, light, very effective. It was nice shooting 43 pounds instead of 70 - shoulder didn't hardly hurt at all!

    Bill can set you up with one of the packages for about 6 bills - so that is very reasonable compared to double that you would spend on setting up a reazon.

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    Default mission bows

    i bought one for my wife from bill at backcountry because it could go from 17 lbs to 50 it came with sights quivers and all set up i think it was like 450 a couple month ago i cant remember the name but it shooots really nice and i was impressed iwth how light weight it is


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