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Thread: 99% let off

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    Default 99% let off

    Any one have experience w/ the Concept Archery 99% let-off bows? They sure look interesting especially for archers that have had an injury that prevents them from holding higher weight bows at full draw.

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    I think you're right, it would be awesome if you had been injured. It would let you enjoy the sport you love if you thought you couldn't do it anymore. In some states, NOT Alaska as far as I can tell, there is a maximum let off weight. Idaho's is 60% if I remember right. But with a Dr.'s excuss they may allow that. I know that in AK, they'll let a disabled person use a crossbow during a bow only hunt. (at least a disabled guy told me that) Other than that, I would prefer people sticking to a lesser let off, keeping the bowhunting a bit more challenging. With 99% let off I could hold indefinately, while with 60%, I'm going to have to let down after a minute or two, making it a bit more sporting.

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    That would be something pretty awesome....I agree, especially for injured or young shooters who want to hunt. I wonder what the draw cycle would be like. Most solo cams are pretty smooth to draw as it is...I prefer 65% let offs for the performance increase but it is a pain to draw and hold for extended periods of time...

    it'd be interesting to draw one to see how it rolls over into the valley... sometimes a really smooth drawing cycle can make a bow more comfortable than just having a lot of let off...


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