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    talked to dave luce tonite, and he said the river ice went out at 7:30 tonite in front of his place, and lake creek river level gage shows 20.75 as of 3pm
    won't be long for the boats to start heading up the yetna

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    Default Was just reading this also won,t be long now!

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    Default Sat May 2nd

    Launched at Deshka Landing, had to push a few chunks of ice out of the way in the marina. There is some good size ice chunks still in the river but mostly open. The west channel is still ice packed with large ice flows breaking loose and jamming up the main channel. We had to wait about 30 minutes just above deshka river for the channel to clear out on the way back up. Talked to the troopers on the river bank there, they said the Su is jammed just above the mouth of Yentna. Those guys were having a blast with thier woolridge. We were running a little 16' Terrycraft semi-v, I believe will wait a few more days before launching TJ. Good luck. CN
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