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    Default Lever Actions

    I was thinking about maybe purchasing a lever action rifle pretty much just for shooting. I was thinking of a 357 mag or maybe a 44 mag. Anybody think of a good deal on certain brands. I can't seem to get past a Marlin, is there any repo's of a Winchester that I should be looking at.

    Thanks for info

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    Rossi makes some very good Winchester copies and the Puma 454 is what I recommend. It will shoot 45 Colt long as well as the powerhouse 454 Casull, so you get the cheap shooting and the power shooting options at your whim. I have two 357s and a 44-40 Rossi levers and I want the 454. A couple guys on here have the 454 and have only good things to say of it with the exception of the stupid safety switch on the bolt. There is a kit to remove the switch so I donít see it as a big deal.

    Have a look.
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    You can't go wrong with keepin ur eyes peeled for and old model 94. make sure all the bluing is worn off, the stock is grey, and there are little rust pits here and there. That just means she's just broken in You will prob find one for a 100 dollars or so.....for which you can shoot the crap out of it! Would make a good resto-project too for a couple bucks. Don't forget to check out too. make sure u get with ur buddy with an FFL first.

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    Default Bought the Wife...

    a 94 Trapper in .357 about nine or ten years ago, when Winchester was still making lever guns. NICE rifle, feeds .357 and .38 Special without a hitch. Seems that it's quite a bit smoother in operation from the 'git' than the Marlin, but these days, the Marlin or Rossi are about your only choices, unless you stumble into one of the little Winchesters. In that class, though, if I was shopping with deep pockets, I'd be looking for one of the little Browning B92's, the Miroku produced copy of the Winchester 92 done up in .357 and .44, with the preponderance of their production going to .44's. The Browning is 'slick as a hound's tooth' in operation, you really do have to work one to feel the difference in them.
    Without a dictionary sized wallet, the Marlin has GOT to be the way to go,especially if you investigate mounting a scope (and at some point you will), or have to have the thing fixed and expect the manufacturer to be around, AND get the piece back in a very reasonable amount of time......

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    Default Prefers Marlin

    You cannot go wrong with a Marlin lever action. I can't comment on the other brands, but my experience with Marlins of a variety of calibers has always been good. The newer models are manufactured with a safety, which you can remove with an after-market kit if you're so inclined.

    Personally, my favorite is the .45Colt, a single caliber capable of both enjoyable target loads and arm-punishing power punchers, which is nice if you're a reloader on a budget.

    Enjoy whatever you take home! Best of luck on your search.

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    Default I intend to find me a butter smooth henry

    My step son brought home his dad's .22 by Henry.
    I looked it over and I must tell you, looks top shelf to me.
    If you intend to buy it just to "shoot" as you posted, I would for sure look at the .38/.357 variety.
    How much fun at a little target practice would it be to jerk that thing out from behind the seat and show what real shooting looks like.
    Besides that, you can shoot it for next to nothing, and introduce youngsters to markmanship with .38 recoil.
    Of course, I'm the guy that hunts with a thurty thurty in Win 94, and carries a .357 security six for bear.
    I'm of the belief that those .357,s are no slouch, Someday I may have to eat those words but until then I will contiue to carry what I shoot well.
    I will buy a Henry at my first opportunity, and outfit it with a peep sight. No need for a scope on somethng you shoot 75 yards. The target aquisition is super fast and the sight radius gets several inches longer.
    I don't want a new one, so, when you find two, give me a shout and we'll both own one.

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    I've had good experiences with all of the marlins I have owned. I have heard some negative things about using the heavier bullets in the .44 mag 1894s though.

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    Default get one...

    Years ago I bought my wife a used Win. Mod. 94 in caliber .44 Rem. Mag. It is light in weight and fun to shoot. I shot one coyote with it that was squared off with my old German Shepard. It holds 10 rounds and can be loaded with light or heavy bullets. I own 2 Marlin 1895's in caliber 45-70. Marlin makes a good lever gun and they come in .44 mag also.

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    I have two winchesters, a 25/20 and a 32/20 as well as a puma in 454. The puma is every bit as nice as the Winchesters for fit and function. The black finish on the stock looks a little wierd and is not the nicest finish I've seen, but other than that I really like it. A 300gr cast @1750fps goes under 2" @ 50yds with my old eyes. I really like the mod 92s and the clones.

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    Default .30-30 or .35 Rem in Marlin

    Go with a Marlin lever action in .30-30 or .35 Rem, inexpensive to purchase, very proven design, accurate for its design. the ammo will be much cheaper to purchase or reload for and both are perfectly good for deer within 150 yards or so.

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    something to consider in your request for just the Puma 454 Casull. Can go to the .45 LC ammo for plinking or 2 legged protection or go up with .454 ammo when out in the "sticks"....a good combo.

    Tough to beat the Win. 94 in the .30-30 as a do all....use factory fodder for plinkin' or protection and reload 180grn. hardcast for real penetration on tough game. Yes, you can find a well used one and they run forever.

    Perhaps a .22lr is what you need, the Win 9422 is perfect along with the Marlin.....a good plinker and small game getter.

    Leverguns have a real cool factor.....once you get started you never know you might wind up with something nice like a Win. Model 71 down the road. They are tough to find at a good price dream is to own one before too long.

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    I recently had my old faithful 1894 44 swiped. I have almost sealed the deal on its replacement. It is a Rossi model 92 in 44 mag. It is the same gun as the Puma 92 minus the goofy toggle switch safety. This one is clean as a pin and its mine for $375!


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