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Thread: Fishing anywhere this weekend?

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    Default Fishing anywhere this weekend?

    Family and I are planning on going out camping this sat/sun and are having a hard time deciding where to go.

    I am looking for somone that can point us in any direction within 3 hours of anchorage where we can catch a few fish. Not looking for anything huge or secret spots, but would be very thankful for somone that might be able to give the name of a body of water that has some fishable conditions.

    We have access to our 16' deep v boat, and are willing to catch anything from trout and pike to halibut.
    Having something for entertainment is key, would be completely happy catching nothing but 6-12 inch rainbows all day.

    Thanks and have a nice weekend,

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    By the way, family is leaning towards stormy lake thinking that there is a great number of catchable pike there, but from searching around the forums all i can find on here is reports of little to no success, seems most people say ADFG reports of lots of fish are actually misleading- Can anyone confirm this?

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    Default Lake Ice

    I didn't have any luck out there a couple of times this summer, and a friend didn't this winter either. As of right now I know it has been pretty nice down there, but not enough to get Ice off of the lakes, so I wouldn't want to get onto the lake ice, and it's not open enough yet to fish I bet. Hopefully somebody will be able to give you an update on the ice conditions. If you go to the peninsula Johnson lake would be a better bet but it would be little rainbows. But again the ice is probably rotten and it's not open enough.

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    id be looking at going to deep creek if i were you. weather looks good in anchorage anyway so might be a nice one there too. think the tractor launches opened today?

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    I wouldn't bank on catching many pike out of Stormy. They are in there but I think you'd be wasting your time.
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