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    Default Tomato & Pepper Question...

    Hi Y'all! I've never grown plants from seeds before, & this year the kids & I did. We started 2 kinds of tomatoes, 2 sweet peppers, & 8 different types of hot peppers in peat pots & they are al about 2 -4 inches tall.

    Should I put them in individual pots until they are bigger & thicker (they're a bit spindly now) until they are bigger & THEN transplant them?

    What are your opinions, oh wise ones?

    Kim / MommaF8

    P.S. I've got seeds for all the rest...peas, beans, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, kale, spinach, & beets! You think they can be directly sown into the garden?

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    Wink Greetings...

    I made the mistake of starting out in peat cups, but when they got to your size, I transplanted to 4x4 plastic pots.Peppers are very delicate.They transplant easy, but don't take to cool temps very well.My porch-greenhouse fell to 40 degrees one night and about lost my peppers.Where as my tomatoes are going great guns and show no impact to the chill.Having an insulated porch, I now leave the cabin door open and let the wood heat keep things around 75-80 most of the night.We can put them out now as our weather has warmed up.Good Luck.GR

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    I would transplant them. I know with tomaotoes you should plant them up to the first set of true leaves not just the first set, pinch those off them bury them up to the point were the first set of leaves almost touchs the dirt but not quite. This give the tomatoes a strong root system. I don't know if you can do that with the peppers but you might google it. The Zuccini and the squash should be started in advance. I would probably start them now. They grow fast but still need that head start. Good Luck
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