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Thread: Santa Barbara safety issue

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    Default Santa Barbara safety issue

    A few year back I purchased a Santa Barbara .270 Mauser on GunBroker
    it had a birch stock with pressed checkering that was pretty unattractive, it had a pillar on the rear action screw inletted into the stock. I came across a Whitworth .375 stock and glass bedded the barrel into the Whitworth stock.

    When I really tightened the rear action screw I believe the action is flexing and when the bolt is worked the gun will "fire" without pulling the trigger.
    I replaced the trigger with a new Bold Optima trigger. It still will accidently
    discharge. When the rear action screw is just snugged up and not torqued the gun operates normally. I have not loaded the gun since
    I discovered this flaw and thought about drilling out the pillar from the
    original factory stock and and setting it in the new Whitworth stock
    to see if that corrects the issue. I do not want to sell this potential
    "killer" to someone else and while I have many other rifles to use
    I wanted this one set for open sights as a "truck gun" I realize it is not an FN but it would be nice to have it work safely.

    I am a Mortgage Banker and not a gunsmith so I am asking some of the Gunsmiths or persons familiar with Santa Barbare to let me know if the pillar is the solution or if the gun should be disposed of as a Safety Hazard" I hate the idea of someone getting hurt in an accident which could have been prevented by cutting the action in half with an acetylene

    Thank you for all the valuable information on this site.

    Garboman (Which is my nickname of the Sandtiger Shark of the Carolinas of which I know a great deal more than these Spanish FN knock offs, as I chiefly a fisherman rather than gun expert) We call them Garbos short for garbage mouth shark cause of all the pointy dentures they have.

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    On most rifles the action bolt in the front is what mostly holds the guns and is the bolt to get tight to specs. The rear trigger guard bolt should be tight but ussally only about half as tight as the main bolt.

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    I think you have diagnosed the problem accurately. You can take the barreled action out of the stock, with the action cocked, pull up on the cocking piece and see if you can make is slide over the sear. If it does, you need either a new cocking piece or something eles (?). If it still stays cocked but will go off accidentally in the stock, I would suggest you re-glass the action WITHOUT tighting the screws. Use a C clamp to hold the action in the stock. I use a piece of wood on the bottom of the stock and then a bridge mount on the top of the action (or you can use another block of wood). Just do not tighten the C clamp sufficiently to again, spring the action. Good luck. J.

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    If you just want to dump it and not endanger anyone you could sell it to Numrich Gun Parts.
    On the web=
    Call/Text 602-315-2406
    Phoenix Arizona


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