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Thread: Haul road update

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    Default Haul road update

    Anyone have an update on the Haul road? Any info would be appreciated.

    ~ Justin

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    Default Nothing

    Justin: I am back and forth on four different Alaska forums and have read no recent posts from anyone that has been up. Sorry...... don't see anything that could help.

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    Default dave

    Just talked to a buddy of mine that got back Monday. He shot a cow, but otherwise didn't get close to anything else. Saw a lot across the river. We'll see what happens. Thanks for checking it out for me.

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    I was there last weekend. Two of us planned on hunting Friday thru Monday. We drove up on Thursday night and came back on Saturday. We saw a single bull just North of Toolick and one with a cow and calf near Franklin Bluffs. All stayed in areas that were impossible to stalk. We glassed all along the road and one spot about a mile in... no Caribou in sight for miles. If you go, be careful on Gobblers knob and the pass of course, they are slick. It was clear and dry north of Antigun though. BTW we had rifles and were prepared to walk in 5 miles, but even that would have been pointless.


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