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Thread: Survival Firearm Choices

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    Default Survival Firearm Choices

    Knowing that pilots up here all carry survival firearms; What is you choice and why?

    I have two options: A short barreled 870 shotgun or a takedown 30/30 single shot survival rifle with compartments in the stock and forearm.

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    I prefer a pistol. Because it's easier to take there's a higher likelihood that I'll take it. A pistol on my hip is better than a shotgun in the closet. I also like that I can accurately shoot it with one hand.

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    Default only 2 options?

    If you only have those two guns to choose from... I think the 870 would give you the ability to fire various types of ammo from Brenneke slugs, buck shot, bird shot, flares and cracker shells. Plus it can fire multi rounds just in case you need it. Reloading a single shot 30-30 could take a little time.

    I always carry a S&W 8 shot AirLite 22 in my flying (nomex floatation) vest along with 50 rounds of stingers. It is so light that it will not sink me if I flip the plane over on a lake someplace.

    More than likely I will be sitting around a lake shooting little pond ducks and other small camp-fire cookable critters while waiting for someone to come and rescue me.

    If all else fails, I only need to shoot something that is out of season... Then a fish-cop will jump out of the bushes and take me to a nice jail with 3 hot meals and cable TV.

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    Why not something like a 20ga / .223 combo that breaks down?


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