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    Default canoeing classes

    i am looking into purchasing a canoe and was wondering does anyone offfer classes or ia good read and do it yourself thanks

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    Just google the topic..there is a lot of info out there from which canoe is best for your use and the basics of how to handle one. Then get in some shallow water and play with it. Learn how to not tip the thing by keeping your gear low and centered and feel how it handles. It's a lot of fun.

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    Check these out...just two of many sites...Google "How to Canoe" and you'll find more than just these links.

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    Default KCK

    if you're in Anchorage area: Knik Canoers & Kayakers (

    Click on "Classes" at the bottom of the page -- looks like canoe class is full. I would call to:
    1. ask any questions
    2. maybe see of they're considering adding another class - waiting list, etc
    3. ask if they have any suggestions

    Fairbanks has a strong paddling group too, if you're closer up that way.

    KCK is an excellent organization; strong safety emphasis, involved membership and lots of active experience.

    Good luck.

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    Default Canoe lessons

    the KCK is a excelent group, if they are not going to put on one more class
    do put on the life jackets an go to a local lake not far from the shore an start learning it will not hurt, you will be supprise what you will learn all by your self an do look at the books it will give you some place to start .


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    I'm planning to take my canoe down to Lower Fire lake soon for it's maiden voyage, you'd be welcome to try it out if you want. Heck maybe we could organise a canoe get togeather, I'd like to meet some of the folks here and learn about other canoes and I bet there's someone here who's an experianced paddler and wouldn't mind teaching some of us newbies some.

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    I dont know what your experience level, but I was in REI today (with the rest of Anch) and notice that they are having a beginner canoeing class later in May(24th or 26th, can't remember exactly), but if your new to canoeing it might be worth a look.


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