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Thread: New broadheads

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    Default New broadheads

    145 phathead, all steel, COC.
    Shoots right with my 145 FPs at 20 yards. I will be testing them at longer ranges later.
    VERY sharp, shaves out of the package, thus far the sharpest broadhead I've handled without some touching up. With the .080 thick blade it should be very durable.
    .080 Stainless Steel blade
    1" x 1 1/4"
    145g with bleeders
    Steel ferrule
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    Default Shot the Phatheads

    I went to a friends and tried these outdoors. They shot great! No adjustments necessary at 20,30,40,50,60,70 and even 80 yards. Shot right with my 145 field points. I've never had a broad head stick with my field points like this before without some tinkering.
    I have to give the credit to Bill at the bow shop. He obviously did an excellent job with my bow.


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