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    How come we don't hear much about the Kahiltna River? How far up the river can a jet boat make it? Are there many fishing or hunting opportunities up there? I've only ever seen it using Google Earth, but it looks like it could lead to plenty of adventures. I think the only fishing opportunities that I have heard of are the kings in Peters Creek, but it sure seems like there have to be more species and places to fish than that. I have a friend that used to fly into the base of the Kahiltna Glacier to moose hunt, but he hasn't been there for 10 or more years.

    What about floating it in a raft from Petersville/Peters Creek???

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    I think it is because not many folks run can see why on Google earth, lots of boulders....I've been eyeing that river for a couple years myself...

    I've heard that it is nearly unrunnable up high due to the boulders, but I've heard that about other rivers and found that it is usually not nearly as bad as the stories make them out to be....only one way to find out how bad it is I guess....
    pull my finger....

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    Default 1 time enough for most

    I was in the habit of running the river for a couple of years. Piece of cake going up, but narrow with little time to react coming down.

    Lots of silver rocks from aluminum.

    Costly river to run...

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    Do yourself a favor and fish the mouth of Peters Creek with a 4 Wheeler trip on the trail that starts at Petersville road. I have never been on that river,but I have flown over it many times and would NOT want to be in a boat on it.

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    BAD NEWS, even in an airboat.

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    Boulders bigger then your boat once you get up there about 5-10 miles or so, i'll never go up there again

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    That's kind what I was thinking...not a good place for a jet boat, unless your name is TJM!

    What about rafting down it? Any good moose possibilities? I know the west side is Tier II, but the east side is wide open.

    I have a friend that flew up the Yentna and then up the Kahiltna, to do some surveying work, in a helo a couple of springs ago...he counted over 40 black bears in one trip! Makes me think the moose population may not be that great.

    Thanks for the information....


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