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Thread: Nightforce scopes

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    Default Nightforce scopes

    Just wondering if anyone uses nightforce scopes on their hunting rifles? and what do you think of them? thinking about gettin' one for my .280 rem.

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    Yup, I have one on my Sako 300 WSM. IMO, NF scopes are the best scope for the money. If you are not shooting long range, then they might be overkill for you. The larger NSX's weigh 32 oz. The newer 2 1/2-10 x 32 weighs 19 oz. and the 2 1/2-10x 24 weighs 17 0z.

    They are spendy, but IMO worth every penny as a lifetime investment that you will be able to hand down to your kids or grandchildren if you have any. They are virtually indestructable. I will likely not buy any other type of scope.

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    I've got a NF 5.5x22x56 mounted on a Remington Mod 700 VSSF 220Swift. Bit overkill for that heavy-barrelled rifle even. The scope is pretty huge. The rifle does knock over the PD's at long range, 450 - 600 yards, little wind.

    Really, this scope would best serve a bolt-action BMG 50cal, but I won the scope at a SCA event and put it on the Swift.


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