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Thread: Glock 35 holster?

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    Question Glock 35 holster?

    I am in the market for a Glock 35 holster and have been thinking of going with one of the synthetic models out of kydex or one of the other composites. I want it to be of good quality and fit to a dedicated 1.5" belt as I plan to leave the holster, 2 dual mag holders and a flash light holder on this belt. A level 2 secutity retention design in a straight top draw is good enough. I am not looking for a concealment holster. Any ideas?

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    I have a straight draw no cant with belt attachments no paddle for my G35. I also have one for a lcp and a H&K USP. They are cheap functional and easy to clean and adjust. I have a few good leather models but the injection molded ones are the best bang for the buck. Mine are the Blade Tech brand.


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