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Thread: Lyman T-Mag II Expert Reloading Kit

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    Default Lyman T-Mag II Expert Reloading Kit

    I did a search on reloaders for beginners (that's me) and found a lot of good information. I did look at the lee kits and it appears that while they are solid kits they lack a little. I did some looking and found this kit which seems to have everything I need (for the most part) and from the posts I read Lyman seems to produce quality "stuff". Has one used one of these kits and am I getting the most bang for the buck? To much for a beginner? I am not going to be re-loading 1000's of rounds at a time.. maybe 5-6 boxes.. It's going to be a hobby and to save some cash... That is if I could ever find reloading supplies..

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    No need for a reply although it doesn't look like I would get one anyway I found this excellent thread and will follow it.

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    That looks like a heck of a deal to me. The only thing I donít see is a tumbler for case cleaning.
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    Default I just got that kit!

    After researching for a while, I found the T Mag II kit to be a good deal. The electronic scale is handy, but I don't always trust it (especially if there's a cell phone in the room). The press is nice, although what sets it apart is the turret...I bought this kit b/c of the turret. I picked up a stand for the #55 Powder Measure so I wouldn't have to put it on the turret (well worth the $). I also picked up the Lyman 2500 Auto-Flo Tumbler...the bigger capacity is fantastic...the Auto-Flo sucks (it always makes a mess, is slower, and no more convenient). I'd save $30 and get the 2500 w/o the Auto-Flo.


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