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    Has anyone had trouble with Nikons service dept? Sent my binos in to get the eyecups replaced. They sent my optics back all cleaned up, looking pretty but did did not fix the stinkin problem. Now have to send them back again, just in time for bear season. Would like to kick someones arse over it but seem to be bent over a barrel. Any repair service in the Fairbanks area.?

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    Default Call them

    I would call the service dept.
    If you are simply replacing a rubber eyecup (X 2), and you can easily do it yourself, I think they will send them to you. I don't know that they will. But I have had great customer support from similar companies in the past when I needed a cheap part that was easy to replace. It is worth a try.

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    I have a Nikon Monarch scope I bought 13 years ago now. Banged it hard on the handle bars of a 4 wheeler and the scope fogged up.

    I sent it in and they sent it back. Went out on a remote moose hunt and the first day it fogged up about 80% of the way.

    I came home wrote them a letter and mailed it back on what happend.

    They sent me a brand new scope and a $50.00 gift card to the Nikon store with an apology letter.

    I was honest with them and told them I broke it etc etc and if they couldn't fix it let me know as I couldn't afford for it to happen on a bear hunt.

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    Nikon service dept. has me a little upset as well. I put a ding in the eyepiece of my Fieldscope III spotting scope 2 weeks ago. Yeah it was my fault. I sent it Fed-Ex overnight ($77.40.) Put a little love letter in the box explaining that it was prime bear season in Ak. Hoping that would speed up the process. Nope! Not at all! I just need a new eyepiece. Seems very easy to me. It took them 4 day just to get it checked into there system. I called them everyday. The give a BS excuse that they are receiving a large volume of stuff. Just ask for a supervisor rite off the bat if you ask me. It's finally in the shop now according to them. They put out a great product, but the service dept. SUCKS! Just my two cents worth.

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    i had a very good experience with them i was fortunate to get a pair of bino's at a rummage sale that were not aligned(2 different views at once) sent them in and they fixed them for like 10 buck and i think 10 for shipping. got them back in 2 weeks all worked out well for me 25$ for a 250$ binos

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    Only experience I've had with their service department was when I sent a new scope back as it was not holding its zero. I was pretty upset that a new scope wasn't holding zero, but was happy they fixed it no questions asked. It has worked fine ever since.


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