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    How is the drift through the Naptowne rapids (high or low water)? I've only done the middle from Skilak to Bings, but I'd like to go all the way to Izaak Walton or further (as It would be closer to where I live)

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    Default Naptown rapids

    It depends when you want to float it. Right now it is low water and is a very easy float. When the water levels come up say in July it will be more of a challenge. I would say if you have any experence in a raft and pay attention to the river you will be fine. Stay river right on the first corner as the river turns right. This will keep you away from the rock in the middle of the river. The next corner turn left and pick the path you are comfortable with, you can go over the big waves in the middle (which my kids love) or river right and avoid most of the waves. This part of the river has killed a few people in the past so WEAR YOUR LIFE VESTS.


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