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Thread: Need help to set up outdoor home range

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    Default Need help to set up outdoor home range

    Live in Wasilla and have 3 acres. Live outside city limits and want to set up a 25m 2 lane outdoor pistol range in back yard. Anyone have any suggestions on what I will need or how to go about it? Contact me at

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    Default Lots of Sand...

    or dirt to build up back stops for the lead, about 4'-5' high, 3'-5''ll need some wood for the housing for shooting lanes if you wanna get ritzy, & you'll need some range flags, as well as as perimeter blocks to keep public off your land, would hate to see you hurt someone...

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    Mostly you need good neighbors, I have a 175 Yard Range. I used a D-8 to build a 10' berm. Then a Backhoe to set the posts, I have 2" X 6" cross boards to tack targets on. You do not want to shoot your Posts, as the horizontal boards are easy to replace. If you allow your neighbors to come shoot that helps, It really is about the neighbors up to a mile away could complain about the noise. Set hours like 9:AM till 4:PM what ever works. No one likes someone lighting off at 6:AM If you do that here we figure you have a Bear in the Barn.......I build a shooting Barn 8' X 10' for shooting on rainy days..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen-ak View Post

    I'll bid $2.2 Million for construction.

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    We used tires and stacked them about 5-6 high then filled them with sand/gravel. We have three stacks making up the front row and then two stacks offset in the rear to seal up the seams.

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