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Thread: New Fairbanks range

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    Default New Fairbanks range


    The Golden Heart Shootist Society, Tapís, Alaska Machine Gunners and Midnight Sun Muzzle loaders are in the process of forming a new, action orientated shooting club that includes a private range on a sizable portion of land located in the local area. We extend an invitation to any action orientated shooting discipline and individuals whom are interested in joining us in this endeavor. Our preliminary vision is to construct six 25 X 50 yard shooting bays with proper three sided berms, a 300 yard action rifle range again with the proper three sided berms and a bench rest area with the proper backstop. Range distance to be determined by safety considerations and the lay of the land, currently it appears feasible to go 500 yards on this range.

    Please join us at our next meeting, scheduled for this coming Thursday, April 30 at the Indoor fish and game shooting facility, time 8:00 PM. Or visit us at the 2nd amendment meeting tonight at the Carlson Center.


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    I unfortunately cant make either of those because of work. If you do need some help out there with labor or whatnot, please toss me a pm and ill see what I can work into my schedule.


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