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Thread: I need to rent an Alpacka type raft

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    Default I need to rent an Alpacka type raft

    I will be going on a super cub Geo Cache adventure into the Wrangles next week. 5/5/09
    One of the items Paul Claus suggested to bring along as emergency gear was a super light weight inflatable.
    of course the Alpacka or the new light NRS would fit the bill.
    if you would dare part with yours for a week, I would garantee its return in perfect same condition, as I don't plan on using it, and I did, I would replace it if I had to use it and harm it in anyway.
    thanks Max
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    Max - This might be too late, but there is an outfit in Seward that rents Alpackas.

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    I found these guys as well...


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