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Thread: 40 yamaha jet

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    Default 40 yamaha jet

    my wife just bought me a inflatable with a 40 horse yamaha jet made in 1996, it is 2 stroke injector fed.

    2 things i am curious about is if the oil injection system fails, what would be the fuel to oil ratio?
    second thing is i was thinking about getting rid of the inflatable and getting a boat what size and type would work best/

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    Great motors. I still run a 2-stroke 50hp jet. I've never had an oil pump problem on any 2-stroke engine but if I did I'd pre-mix 50:1. I have an early '90s Yamaha 15 that requires pre-mix and recommends 100:1. I've always used 50:1 and that motor has been unbelievably reliable and easy to start.

    That 40 jet would push a 16-18' jon boat pretty well. That powerhead dominated the Kenai for years using a prop.

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    Default prop

    wiso, I have a prop lower end if you would like. I have a 40 jet on a 16 jon boat and it does just fine.


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