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Thread: A picture of the new and improved 2010 Suzuki 9.9 four-stroke!

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    Default A picture of the new and improved 2010 Suzuki 9.9 four-stroke!

    Although info regarding this (not yet released) outboard motor is hard to find, I managed to find a photo of the motor. They have scaled down to a more appropriate powerhead than what they use on the 15 horse Suzuki. It was a great move IMO, instead of detuning...they were able to design an entirely smaller sized 9.9 that will have way better fuel economy than the detuned 15. It weighs in at 87 pounds! Rumor has it that the final American version will be 85 pounds! Finally......another lightweight fourstroke 9.9 besides the Tohatsu. You can def. notice the outboards thinned down appearance when compared to the old DF-9.9.
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    Please keep us tuned in on results if you get a chance to try one....weight of the motor is very important on a canoe.



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