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Thread: My Alaskan campfire thoughts tonight ... 500 S&W and more.

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    Default My Alaskan campfire thoughts tonight ... 500 S&W and more.

    I have decided to use Punch bullets in my 500 S&W, and my 450 Marlin, BLR takedown. Does anyone here have any experience with the Punch bullets?

    The Punch bullets would be my solids, with the BLR loaded with 2 North folk softs, one chambered, and one soft on top of two solids in the mag. I will also carry one mag loaded with solids only, which can be switched in a New York second! The 500 S&W would be loaded with punch bullets at all times. Of course there will times when I am carrying only solids, and times when I am not chambered those are when no rifle should be chambered, in the truck/ car, climbing, etc. I do not need to make the whole list, most already know it. This common sense stuff also applies to the Lott.

    If I am out with my .458 Lott, I will carry a full house of 500 grain Trophy Bonded rounds, one in the chamber and five in the mag when needed; if any bear living can survive the 500 grain Trophy Bonded soft loads, then I shall tell him, Well done!

    The 500 S&W may be my fishing gun, in a Galco chest-riding rig. My son will mostly tote the Browning 450 BLR, and I will have the Lott as my best friend in walking about or exploring situations. When I am shooting photos, which will be a lot of the time, I may only carry the 500, depending on the location. I could even carry the S&W mountain gun in 44 mag. for trail walking in areas so suited.

    I am confident in the 500 for up close protection work. I have hunted with handguns all over the place, and in Africa. Of course a rifle is always better, but sometimes a handgun is just more convenient and more likely to be at hand. Again, I have no doubt that the heavy punch bullets on target will do well in stopping a bear or changing his mind about continuing what he was doing. Some may not feel confident with handguns in such a situation. It would only be a last resort of course since we are talking defense, NOT hunting, as and such only those who are confident should use a handgun for such purpose. But, and there always is a but in life, a handgun in the hand is better than a rifle back in camp! Convenience can make a difference on any given day.

    These are my campfire thoughts tonight.
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