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Thread: Mac's "Troll Prop Saver" ?

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    Default Mac's "Troll Prop Saver" ?

    Considering one of these for the Yamaha 8HP kicker on my Wooldridge.
    After "touching" the bottom of Lake Louise only once and seeing what was left of my aluminum stock propeller...........they seem like a good investment and have the added bonus of preventing line tangles also.

    My intended application is trolling/cruising with the kicker and trying to minimize damage in event of a hitting an unexpected rock or shallow bottom.

    This is the model that makes a full circle hoop around the prop......not the "River Runner" model which is skeg/partial propeller guard for regular shallow water use

    Any down side to using one of these things (aside from the $114 to buy it) ?

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    Default web link

    This is the web link to the Mac's "Troll Prop Saver:

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    I have looked at them before and thought they were a great idea but I sure have not seen many in use up here in Alaska. I did notice on the internet there are a lot of them used in WA. The way I figure it they can't hurt anything and with the way I like to cruise up along the shoreline and such it has to be a good investment.

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    The rock hopper has been recommended by Alaska river runners
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    Default Rock-hopper

    Just got one. It's heavy-duty and was a breeze to install. Will give it a try either this weekend or next.
    Broke the skeg completely off my 15hp Yamaha while running up the Little Su and had a Mac's River Runner on it. The Rock-hopper is a better design and adds support while protecting the skeg and does not bolt to the skeg like the river-runner.

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    Default prop protection?

    How do the "Rock Hopper" or "River Runner" protect the prop?
    Neither of these extends out to the side around the prop.

    Now of course the "Troll Prop Saver" does not do anything to protect the skeg , and it also creates a larger overall object that is more likely to hit something in the first place........

    And then there is the question of hitting something with the "Rock Hopper" and F !#*ing up a lot more than just your lower unit which did not yield and absorb most of the force if the engine does not kick up out of the way upon impact.

    Still not sure these are a good overall investment ??

    Any more thoughts ??, Appreciate the discussion so far.


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