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Thread: shipping game birds to alaska

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    Default shipping game birds to alaska

    Any clue who I can contact to ship some live game birds up here? I do not want to deal with incubating if I can avoid it. And I also have not found any close game bird farms that will ship to AK.

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    When I was in AK in 94-98, there was a feed store near government hill that had all kinds of birds freshly hatched - chicken, duck, quail, pheasant, etc...

    We raised chicken, duck, goose, and turkey one summer. When fall came, so did the harvest.

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    I'll be back in AK in June! Permanently! Can't wait to get back on the rivers.

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    Default Have you tried

    Have you tried Sterling Meadows Hatchery down on the Kenai?

    They're just starting up with game birds so they have limited supplies this year.

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    Get online and google gamebird suppliers. There are several that will ship young birds to AK. I've done it many times. They are very reasonably priced too. An alternative would be to contact Gary Thompson at Falcon Ridge and see if he would sell some. I know he used to as I bought from him also. Good luck.

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    there are a lot of hatchery's that sell game birds.

    here is what to look for

    MAXIMUM... 36 hour travel time.. demand EXPRESS mail... if they can't do that move on..

    also talk to your Post office. and tell them they are coming in.. give them your phone number and they will call you in when they arrive. so they are not sitting.. Plan on taking a day off work if need be to receive them..

    here in FBKS.. i call the airport PO. and they receive birds for me. i have been called at 1 am to pick up.

    twice if have received boxes of dead birds and that really sucks because they took to long to get here.

    plan your shipping date with hatch dates.

    egg is a good place to start i have purchased many live birds from there in the past.

    you will find that you need to order MORE then you want to make a safe trip for the little guys. phes. and chuckers are so tiny that it takes a minimum order of 50 to keep them warm.. you can also expect a high mortality rate the first week. plan on keeping them in the house for a few weeks. a large card board box with a pan under it will serve a a good brooder, to cut drafts and keep them warm until feathered up. standard chick feeders waterer's may be too large and promote drownings marbles or pebbles in water troff, will stave some of it.

    try to order from a west coast area this will help you get shipping times you need. and as i said... DEMAND EXPRESS mail... it will come air frieght and typically you will have them in less then 24 hours. i have gotten pigeons in 13 hours from Utah on many occasions by doing so...
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    Depending on what your wanting you could just purchase from the local hatcheries. I was going to order my turkeys from out of state this year but I was able to find them cheaper in Wasilla at triple D's hatchery.

    The place near government hill is Alaska mill and feed I do not think they have carried live animals in several years.

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    That is correct no live animals at Alaska Mill & Feed in a few years. Good info Vince. My experience with day olds has been really successful. I always order 100 chicks (they typically ship 105-110 for travel loss which I have never had), they have always arrived in under a day, and I experience very little loss the first week (usually 2-3). I hang a heat lamp w/ reflectors or two really low to the floor and they congregate beneath it unless they get hot then move. I've received birds in early April when it was cold and brooded them in an unheated shed with no problems under lights this way. Shallow water for sure! If you can get local birds that would be best. Also, if you order pheasants you can get a better price if you ask for hens. Hard to sex day olds so you end up with about 15% roosters anyhow. Good luck.

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