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Thread: Remington Model R-25

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    Default Remington Model R-25

    I was just wondering if anyone here and had experience hunting with or at least shooting a Remington Model R-25 in 308 Win.

    If you don't have any first hand experience with it, what is your overall impression of it as a viable rifle for AK?


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    Default To small

    For over all hunting you need something a little bigger. But, if you are trying to justify buying one, heck yea you need one.

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    I have taken 8 moose and 15 big elk with my 308s, one well placed shot every time. 308 may not be the best round for the biggest of game, but it’s certainly not to small any more than a 30-06!
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    Default R-25

    Hi BigWag;
    I am looking them over. Reviews are slim at this point. Did you get one?
    They are DPMS rigs, with a different trigger.
    What I have read is they are a fair rifle, lousy trigger, but I have yet to rule them out myself. Parts do not necessarily interchange from brand to brand, so swapping pieces must be done with some care.
    I am also looking at the FAL .308, the ugliest thing I ever saw...but as an old wood bolt action guy, they all look pretty sorry to me.
    My biggest concern is inherent accuracy. I saw a few targets online of 100 yard groups from the R-25 down to 5/8" and some at 1 3/4" I do not know the shooters...ya can't tell.
    Looking at the DPMS LR 308, Heavy barrel, 22", a gob of submitted targets under 1/2" and rave reviews. A lot of amazing targets on that rifle out to as far as 1000 yards. Better price, but wait eternally to get one.
    A prominent local gun shop told me they would not put DPMS on the shelf for quality that throws up a flag, but could be a fluke.

    DPMS had a few magazine problems, all fixed now.
    Remington has that bad trigger, and too weak of firing pin spring for Wolf and NATO Berdan Primers...spring supposed to be fixed now as well.
    I want to hear if anyone else has anything to say as I want a .308 semi for all around plinking, Caribou and something that can take the abuse I will deliver like driving tent stakes and prying my truck loose.
    Love to hear anything out there.


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