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    As I posted a few days ago the wife and I had just gotten back from Ninilchik harvesting some razor clams. One thing that has always amazed me and deserves some attention are the blue mussels you can find in gobs all over the exposed rocks during low tide. These mussels are California mussels and they are absolutely delicious. We harvest about half a cooler full every time we go down and use them in our cooking through out the year. I never see anyone else picking them off the rocks but us and thought I'd share the news incase no one else has eaten them. The key is to keep them in salt water for about 2 days after you harvest them to give them a chance to digest and get rid of all the sand inside them. Once you do that put them in a pan by themselves and cook them in high heat until they open up. Once they open up you are done cooking. It happens very fast. On a safety note. DO NOT eat the ones that do not open. They are dead and not safe to eat. Dip them in a little melted butter then suck them out of the shell and you will enjoy one great meal!! If you want to use them through out the year like my wife and I do than just cook the others until they start to open up as stated above. When they begin to open pull them out and freeze them. You want to heat them before you freeze them in order to prevent yourself from keepind dead ones that are unsafe to eat.
    They are also great cooked in some white wine/melted butter and served with linguini as a pasta dish.

    They are a lot easier/cleaner to get than the razor clams and are just as great on the table. Good luck for those looking to add to their clamming.
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    Default small

    we picked some up one time clamming - they are pretty good, but they are just so small - even the bigger ones where we were are pretty small - maybe get some more this year.


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