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Thread: spotting scope on atv

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    Talking spotting scope on atv

    ok i know it seems off but i was wondering what you guys do to carry a spotting scope the wife bought me one today so while out riding we can look at alot more things and thought i would ask what do you do to carry your scope if you have one just strap it down good and go in its soft case or get a hard case so ideas would be nice

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    I've got a piece of 3" black PVC pipe mounted to the homemade headache rack on my six wheeler. It has a cap on each end. Its just big enough to have a roll of TP on each end with my spotting scope in the middle, to keep it from moving around, with added bonus I always have TP. With a worm drive hose clamp around the PVC pipe I have a eye bolt with the same thread as the mount on the scope to mount it if need be to the 6 wheeler. I'd put up a pic but I can't find my dang camera.
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    On the atv I either have it in a doskil case like this one or on my back in my daypack like so:

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    Default Heres my setup

    I found a very packable, high quality, full size Manfrotto tripod, (if its too big and bulky you wont want to pack it). and for the scope protection I found a perfect fit in a large caliber hand gun case that zips up nice and snug and is well padded. both these items fit in my day pack for hunting as well as my atv box. I bought both at Sportsmans warehouse. rode solo to the glacier on saturday looking for bears. found 6 moose, about 15 sheep, and one big goat back by metal creek. Im glad I packed my scope.
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    I just lay mine in my hardcase. I usually lay some clothing on top of everything so when I shut the case, everything stays in place.

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    Default Scope and Tripod

    I made mine out of PVC pipe with 1/2 " harder foam glued in caps and cut to length so they didn't move. Glue one cap solid and mark other end and tape.
    I have used for many years without any trouble and you can mount with a pipe clamp or hose clamp to your rig.


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