We have had Morgan for about 6 months. Iíve known him for a year. He is a Saluki x Pointer/sled dog bred to be a sprint racing dog but without the desire or the build to pull. Iíve seen his ďpedigreeĒ from the sprint musher who first had him. We helped him get a new home last June but it didnít work out. Not a fan of cages and apartments after the open kennel with his pointer mix buddies for 2 years.

So he ended up with us. He is about 3 1/2 , neutered, moderately interested in retrieving bumpers and hot for spruce hens chasing one for 10 min yesterday. He froze on a spruce hen and when she took off he followed so fast it scared me. He ignored my call and I couldnít see him to know if I could use the collar so he just went on a big chase. He didnít give up. Today, I tossed a couple frozen pigeons and he brought them back. He is pretty nuts for the rabbit pelt too. Iíve been working with recall since November with a long line, then long line and ecollar with treats and just switched to the ecollar alone a month ago. His other basic obedience is OK except for heeling.

Other then retrieving what else could I look for or train? Tracking? He needs a job.