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Thread: dies ??

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    Default dies ??

    I need a set of 338 federal dies, rcbs are about $30.00 the redding are almost $100 at the same store, are they that much better?

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    when i did all my price comparisons.. i found redding a little more expensive. I would have to guess the 100.00 set is the compition set..RCBS also has a comp. set, that is right up there...
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    Default dies.....

    I mostly use Redding Dies. I have used most of the other brands in the last 34 years with out any issues. I don't think any of the animals I shot knew the difference. Maybe Murphy or one of the other hard core ammo loaders will chime in.

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    Default Redding dies

    Another vote for Redding dies for reloading rifles.

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    Default They all work just fine...

    I have dies from Redding, Lee, Hornady and Dillon...but most of my dies are RCBS. The different dies vary a bit in design and presumably there is a bump-up in quality with the more expensive ones, but the important part for me is that they all work just fine. I do spend extra for carbide pistol dies because they make life so much easier. I have also spent extra for a competition seating die for one particular rifle caliber, and that was worth it as well. If I were in your shoes I'd buy the RCBS die and spend the savings on powder...can you believe how expensive it's getting?


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